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School District of Tomahawk 2013 - 2014

Library Department: End of Year Report the Details

Accomplished Goals:

Battle of the Books participation: Elementary and Middle Schools Collaborated, created, and executed Junior Battle of Books Program   Developed and offered elective student training on e-books High School student lead tech desk: hired 2 students to run and work desk Expanded database usage district wide  Evaluation of database usage to suit curriculum needs and adjusted offerings with full staff in-put   Student Copyright offerings integrated into classroom lessons Increased classroom partnership / collaborated lessons K - 12 supporting curriculum Professional development offerings for staff on e-books, databases, and copyright Professional development at WEMTA on SLO's for librarians Professional: Wisconsin Library Services School Librarian board representative Community outreach: Tomahawk Public Library Board Member  

Looking to 2014 / 2015

Maker Space for learning and experimentation 

Possibilities Include:

25 Book Challenge 

Expanded Programming based on last year

Poetry Hour

Hour of Code expansion

Expanded learning based on "help, can, will, and us"

How the library is used:

NOTE: Elementary classes are fixed schedule that visits the library weekly for instruction and book check out time; therefore not included in Facilities Usage.