2013 SRR

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2013 Student Readiness Report

The 2013 Student Readiness Report (SRR) uses data from 351,632 unique students from 275 colleges and universities from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. Data from each of these students was analyzed in aggregate, and the findings reported in the SRR.

How Do Your Students Measure Up?

Students who have taken 5 or more online courses continue to score highest in non-cognitive skills, technical knowledge, and time management.

Males scored higher in Technical Competency and Reading Rate & Recall

Five Consecutive Years

Females scored higher in Non-cognitive Skills & Academic Attributes


Of Students have never taken an online course before

53% Associates Colleges 27% Master's Colleges & Universities 14% Doctorate-Granting Universities 6% Baccalaureate Colleges

80% Public Institutions 20% Private Institutions

score highest in persistence

Age 55 & older

Typing Speed & Accuracy scores are on the decline

Reading Rate & Recall scores are up slightly