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Many Reasons You Need Your 


HELP... often this is the only safe haven  some students have

Book Recommendations 

Electronic device help!

Strong Libraries Build Strong Students!



Great ideas for research and good books

Databases and facts from sources that are crediclble 

Information for the Information Age!

Juxtapose position papers = you can get both sides to the story @ your library

Kindles? - We've got books for those! 

Digital Divide  is dead with the library - all can connect @ your library

Lifelong Learners Love the Library 

Many students don't have books at home

Plenty of non-fiction for the CCSS!

Questions answered @ your library

one on one help available! 

Connections at home to your  information resources

Reading recommendation for print & electronics

Unemployment costs may run your district $24K annually.  Why not at least keep your librarian a .5 and get something for your money? @ your library!

The research says: Strong  school  libraries contribute to achievement

During this Information Age, your students need an information professional helping students more than ever.   The Common Core calls for students to "Research to Build and Present Knowledge"   

We can show you  FB 

Librarians help ALL students! 

Students  collaborate @ your library

Teachers  find resources with librarian's help! 

FIND US ready to help you @ your library!

eXtra Help available!  

Wonderful meeting places for brainstorming! 

Virtual connections for smartphones, databases and books 

Today's students are  tech-savvy, but information illiterate and  they need instruction and guidance 

Contact your local  cybrarian   

The Information Superhighway is too scenic and students need an educational GPS (Cybrarian)