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Google Form Poll Everywhere Socrative Twitter Voice Thread iphone Picture Infuse Learning

Use notes on iphone to brainstorm. Share with a friend. choose 2 to text to the instructor. try posting to linoit or padlet.

twitter create a class hashtag. Follow the conversation on tweetdeck or twitterfall. Use a tweet as an exit ticket.

Schmoker, m.j. (2011). Focus: elevating the essentials to radically improve student learningalexandria, va: ascd

created by Pam Jimison educational technologist william jessup university @pljimison

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Red = I don't know Yellow = partial understanding green = i know this

try a whiteboard splash: Summarize learning in 10 words or less and write as they leave the classroom.

Colored Paper


Thumbs up/down

Exit Ticket

Pair Share


Formative assessment is not a part of the grade process, but a part of the instruction process.

Without Techonology

using technology

smart phone

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