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Directline On Saturday, June 6th, 2015 sticker distribution officially began at all 12 Directline Assurance branches across the country Every time an agent or an owner purchases insurance coverage, s/he receives an envelope with 4 stickers for matatus (if the vehicle has 14 passengers or less) and 8 stickers for buses (if the vehicle has more than 14 passengers). NTSA All public sector vehicles are required to annually pass through one of the NTSA's inspection centers to certify the vehicle is in safe condition for road use. Zusha stationed some of their employees at the centers to distribute the stickers with the help of the NTSA officers. The employees were based in Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Thika, Nakuru, Machakos, and Kitale.

Zusha sticker distribution at NTSA & Directline

Sticker  Distribution

Sticker Distribution

NTSA Sticker distribution

Key: Nrb: Nairobi Momb: Mombasa Mach: Machakos Nak: Nakuru Eld: Eldoret Kit: Kitale

Zusha and Directline are conducting a lottery to appreciate the vehicles which are participating in the campaign. The winning vehicle receives 15,000 Kshs. The owner, the driver, and the agent each win 5,000 Kshs! The lottery is conducted every Friday at Directline. 8 winners are selected every week, these winners are inspected. If they have the correct number of stickers in the correct place, then they are declared winners. Thus far, 72 vehicles have been inspected over  nine weeks with 52 of those vehicles being declared winners. Overall, 72% of all the vehicles still had the stickers after inspection.

Zusha/Directline Lottery

Zusha road safety campaign also publicised the campaign through digital media. This included: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a Website.

Digital Media

Facebook provides a platform where users can share their stories and inspire others to Zusha


Twitter has been the most responsive in terms of engagement and reach


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