CF Holiday 2013

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60% of Guru Holiday Spending will be on Apparel

About 20% of Guru spending will be on shoes.

Accessories will make up about 15% of Holiday spending

Home Furnishings tops Technology

This is a presentation of style and shopping preferences based on the responses of style guru's from across the United States




Home Furnishings

Modern and minimalist are key news in the fashion world of Style Gurus

Lots of newness in footwear. Try rockin Combat Boots with that little black dress. You heard it here first!

Scarves with international flair and keep an eye out for great headwear!

Holiday Shopping Trends

Look for more spending on cool pads than Ipads. Technology updates are still not a priority

Brick and Mortar is not Dead!

Mobile is Moving!

Catalogs are Conduits to the Web!

Despite rumors of its demise physical stores remain the mose import single shopping choice.

Mobile browser based shopping continues to grow at double digit rates.

Catalogs are no longer viable stand-alone models. They are targeted magazines used to drive web traffic.

Where do they shop?

Almost 70% of Gurus Rank Stores as their first choice for Holiday Shopping. But, online including mobile is actually more important based on average rank.



Gurus have less to spend than last year

Product is perceived as less innovative relative to data from the BTS Index.

Most will wait for a sale to spend!

Most Loved Brands

Highest percentage of Gurus who would love to wear or recommend these brands to friends.

Up and Coming Brands

These Brands have low awareness but lots of Love from the Gurus that know them!