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Mommy Makeover

We will always believe our mothers are beautiful. They cared for us and made sure we got to school on time. Now is the time to give mom back something; their pre-baby body and their self-confidence. Help mom beat the baby body blues.

Your body after baby

of moms say their breasts have changed

of moms would consider a mommy makeover if cost were not an issue

of moms report lower self-confidence after pregnancy

of moms feel less attractive after pregnancy

facts from moms like you





Pregnancy is

but can also take a toll on your body

Standard Costs and Procedures 2012

of 2012 cosmetic procedures were on patients 35-50



Breast Augmentation


Tummy Tuck

Arm Lift

Thigh Lift

#1 most popular procedure among women in 2012

92% say a breast aug/lift is worthwhile



#2 most popular procedure among women in 2012

74% of women say liposuction is worthwhile

Removes fat, restores contour, reduces love handles

#3 most popular procedure among women in 2012

95% say a tummy tuck is worthwhile

Eliminates excess fat and loose skin while tightening abdominal muscles




Feel Like Again!


Do your research! Ensure your surgeon is board certified!

Reduce costs by when you create your own Mommy Makeover package

You can also reduce recovery time by as many as when combining procedures


6 weeks

A few things to check off before you get started:

You are finished growing your family

You are able to take off of work

You are fully recovered from pregnancy



2-3 weeks

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