Today's Kids

Family Life

Now more than ever, kids' home life is wide-ranging. Sensitivity in approach when discussing home life is critical.

From Immigrant Families

Raised By single parents

live in poverty

Race / Ethnicity

Over the past thirty years, the face of America has changed dramatically, and will continue to change, particularly with increases in the Hispanic population. Connect with your campers by knowing their cultural backgrounds and value systems.

For your consideration . . .

The statistics related to children and abuse are staggering. Recognize that some of your campers may be suffering abuse at home, and sometimes, the comfort of camp makes this information easier to reveal. Be prepared to follow camp protocol to report it.

High school girls who get 60 mins. of physical activity Per day

avg. daily time spent with media

Information About Today'S kids

Do you know who today's kids are? You've probably heard that this generation of kids is growing up in the most diverse and technologically advanced society ever, but some things about them might surprise you. Each camper comes to you with his or her own unique strengths, challenges, and history . . . this infographic will provide you with a glimpse of the realities of children under 18 in America.

1 in 4


1 in 5

1 in 4 girls are abused by age 18

1 in 6 boys are abused by age 18

With more opportunities to be sedentary in their everyday lives, kids need the fun and physical activity that camp experiences provide. The CDC recommends that kids get AT LEAST 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

Physical Activity

53% White

24% Hispanic

14% African American


4% Asian

1% Native American

As frontline staff, you are the first line of defense for risk management. This includes everything from making sure each camper wears appropriate safety equipment to preventing or stopping bullying and abuse. Supervision and good judgment are key!

1 in 5

7.5 Hours

kids are Obese

11 %

24 %

High school Boys who get 60 mins. of physical activity per day

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