2015 Public Opinion Survey - 8 Things to Know

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Public Opinion Survey

Conducted in partnership with the UCF Institute for Social & Behavioral Sciences


Most don't think what's now being done to improve transportation is adequate

Most say too little is being spent on transportation

When asked how the transportation system serves its users, 24% said they found the system to be “great” or “pretty good.” The remainder (77%) rated the system as average, poor or failing.

A majority of 71% feel that too little is being spent to solve transportation issues. A large majority of 84% agrees or strongly agrees that “improving Central Florida’s transportation system means increased funding."

In the long term, the public wants transportation planning to shift away from cars

Safety is the most important factor to the public in planning the transportation system

When asked how we should plan the transportation system over the next 20 years, most said we should emphasize non-road options, including expanding bus and rail (56%) and encouraging walking and bicycling (23%).

Providing for the needs of all users - including drivers, bus riders, rail riders, pedestrians and bicyclists - is the next most important planning factor after safety.






8 Things to Know



Public transportation is growing in popularity

Bicycling and walking need more emphasis

A huge majority (93%) thinks Central Florida needs a more balanced transportation system, including increased options like trains and buses. Majorities exceeding 90% agree that “the community has an obligation to provide public transportation” and that “public transportation benefits everyone.”

Most (92%) think that bicycling and walking are important elements in the overall transportation system. For the first time, our survey asked about bicycling and walking habits. Most people said they would like to walk and bike more, and to feel safer doing so.


Few understand that gas tax is the primary way transportation is funded

The two most preferred ways to pay for transportation are gas tax and sales tax

Though only 24% of respondents said that gas tax is the primary method of paying for transportation, this is an increase over the 2013 result of 17%. There is clearly more work to be done in helping the public understand how transportation projects get funded.

A majority of respondents now endorse an increase in gas tax or sales tax as a method of funding transportation – the most dramatic public opinion change documented in our series of surveys. A new question in 2015 asked whether toll revenues should be used to help pay for public transportation like bus and rail – and a majority of 79% felt that they should.





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