Personal Manifesto

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published by Chrissy Chavez


STEM Meets ELA: Personal Manifesto

Content: What are my quarterly focus standards and skills? How can I align STEM concepts in ELA? What essential questions apply to both disciplines?

Collaboration: What resources are available locally? Who can provide feedback? How will I utilize the feedback to enhance my work?

Creativity: How can I blend multiple disciplines seamlessly? What tech tools will redefine my instruction?

1. Plan with the end in mind.

Backwards design planning will be used to align a STEM infused literacy curriculum with the CPS Literacy Framework and Science Content Framework unifying concepts and science units for middle school.

“The basic ideas underlying all science are simple.” - Trefil and Hazen; Science Matters

Scientific Literacy

by: Chrissy Garcia

Developing a STEM infused language arts curriculum integrating skills and strategies to develop scientific literacy will promote critical thinking, global citizenship, and allow students to transfer skills and strategies across content areas. Through interdisciplinary teaching, formative assessment data collection and analysis, Bright teachers will utilize NGSS and CCSS to create an enriching, relevant, rigorous curriculum.

Setting: Bright Elementary

ELA and Math driven instruction is top priority

STEM Infused ELA Curriculum


Use data to inform instruction


2. Collect and analyze formative assessment data.


Kahoot Socrative

Collaborative Data Analysis

3. Collaborate and reflect.