acids and bases foldable

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published by Valerie Henderson


Acids and Bases Foldable

Step 1: Begin with blank paper in the Landscape orientation. Fold the top edge almost to meet the bottom edge, leaving a gap of ~ 2 cm.

Step 2: Fold it in thirds so you will have 3 vertical panels.

Step 3: Label each panel from left to right: Acid, pH, Base. (pH should be in the middle)

Top Inside Panels




taste sour conduct electricity (electrolytes) react with metals to produce bubbles generate hydronium ions (increase hydrogen ion concentration)

taste bitter conduct electricity (electrolytes) feel slippery = reaction with oils on skin turning the base into a soap generate hydroxide ions in water

Two methods: indicators    quick    turn different colors with pH pH meter    measures      concentration of hydronium ions

What does pH mean?

A neutral solution has the same #s of hydronium and hydroxide ions pH means power of hydronium

Acids are classified as strong or weak depending on how many hydronium ions they produce in solution.

Bases are classified as strong or weak depending on how many hydroxide ions they produce in solution. good at dissolving organic things