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Dear Residents, We are pleased to present a proposed budget for the City of Oakland for your consideration. Our goal is that this two-year balanced budget will build a solid financial foundation for a vibrant, equitable Oakland that grows responsibly. In the short-term, this budget proposal will close an estimated $18 million annual funding gap in the General Purpose Fund without any cuts in staffing or services. In keeping with feedback from residents, it will also add approximately 41 full-time positions City-wide to enhance service delivery. It also seeks to improve our City's infrastructure, beginning with our roads. This proposed budget focuses on investments to grow Oakland's permanent revenue base by improving public safety and fostering economic development, including jobs and housing. The long-term benefits of this proposal include beginning the hard work of addressing our unfunded liabilities and starting to restore compensation to our City workers who made great sacrifices during the recession. This balanced approach is the discipline we need. This is how we will keep our eyes on the prize so we can afford to do more of the things we so urgently want to do in the future. We look forward to working with the City Council to review this proposal and ultimately approve a balanced budget by June 30th.                                      


Libby Schaaf Mayor of Oakland

Highlights of the 2015-2017 fiscal year Proposed Budget



TOTAL BUDGET: 2.4 Billion*

*Total 2-year budget; $1.2 billion each fiscal year



Our goals & priorities for the City of Oakland are focused on offering holistic community safety, viable infrastructure, equitable jobs & housing and trustworthy government.

Budget Goals & Priorities

The City of Oakland will improve public safety using a holistic approach, including more police, better community policing, intervention and prevention programs, as well as addressing the root causes of crime, starting with better jobs and education.

The City of Oakland will improve our roads so they look better, cost less to maintain and create more vibrant, attractive and healthy neighborhoods – making Oakland a great place to live, play and bring your business.

The Mayor's proposed budget creates more housing and jobs, and does so in an equitable way that keeps Oakland affordable for residents at every income level, and provides employment opportunities for Oaklanders of every skill and education level.

The City of Oakland will prioritize being responsive to requests for services so problems in every neighborhood get fixed right away and police and firefighters are there when we need them.

Close the $18 million dollar funding gap in the General Purpose Fund.

Contribute $20 million dollars to unfunded liabilities beyond required amounts.

Restore compensation to City workers who made sacrifices during the recession.

Grow the economy and the City’s revenue base.

We are pleased to present the fiscal year 2015-17 Proposed Budget for the City of Oakland for your consideration and action. This two-year balanced budget will build a solid financial foundation for a vibrant, equitable Oakland that grows responsibly.

Budget Highlights


Police Officers

will be added to put us on track to reach the Mayor's goal of 800 officers by 2018.


Implements a comprehensive public safety strategy

including community policing and violence prevention.

Adds new positions to ensure police accountability.

Expands apartment inspection program to ensure safety.

   Creates a     full-service Department of Transportation.

Expands the Ceasefire Violence Prevention Strategy.

will be added to support the Housing Assistance Center &  Rent Adjustment Program.

to support Oakland's implementa-tion of the new law.

will respond to influx of building proposals and projects.

Housing Staff

Enforces minimum wage




Planning & Building/Fire Staff


Creates a 3-year pipeline program for Oakland youth

to enter the police officer training academy.


Supports a Race & Equity Initiative

that will include research, assessment & an interdepartment-al team.

Public Feedback

Mayor Schaaf, the City Council and Oakland City staff want to hear from you. You can learn more about the budget and give us your feedback at one of the following online venues:


#OAKBudget CityofOakland  

For the full fiscal year 2015-2017 Proposed Budget document, visit: Questions? Comments? Email [email protected]                                or Call 510-238-4995                                    

You're Invited!

Discuss the budget with your neighbors and attend one of our community budget forums:




Think College Now

2825 International Blvd., Oakland, CA 94601

Spanish interpretation /en Español




Redwood Heights Recreation Center

3883 Aliso Ave., Oakland, CA 94619




Eastmont Town Center

Eastmont Precinct – Coliseum Room 2651 73rd Ave., Oakland, CA 94605



St. Paul's Episcopal Church

114 Montecito Ave., Oakland, CA 94610




Hotel Oakland

270 13th St., Oakland, CA 94612

Cantonese interpretation




Oakland Zoo Zimmer Auditorium

9777 Golf Links Rd., Oakland, CA 94605




Faith Presbyterian Church

430 49th St., Oakland, CA 94609


To request interpretation services in languages other than English, please contact Silvia San Miguel, at least five days prior to the meeting date, at (510) 238-6448 or [email protected] To request a sign language interpreter or any other disability accommodation, please contact the City’s ADA Office at (510) 238-5219, TTY: (510) 238-2007 or [email protected] at least three business days in advance. Please refrain from wearing scented products to these meetings. All meeting locations are wheelchair accessible.

Spanish interpretation /en Español

The City Council will conduct several Budget Hearings to deliberate on the budget. All of the Budget Hearings will be held in Oakland City Hall, 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza:

Tuesday, May 12 9:30am

Tuesday, May 26 9:30am

Finance & Management Committee: Capital Improvement Program

Finance & Management Committee: FY 2014-15 Q3 Report / Master Fee Schedule

Tuesday, June 2 9:30am

Tuesday, June 16 5:30pm

Finance & Management Committee: Local Measures

City Council: Council President's Budget Amendments

Tuesday, June 30 5:30pm

City Council: Budget Adoption

City Council  Hearings   on the Budget

Budget presentations from the following departments: Police, Human Services, Parks & Recreation, Library, Fire, Finance, Human Resources Management and Information Technology. Budget presentations from the following departments: Public Works, Economic & Workforce Development/Oakland Redevelopment Successor Agency, Planning & Building and Housing & Community Development, plus the following offices: City Attorney, City Auditor, City Clerk, City Council, Mayor and City Administrator.


Monday, June 1, 10am-1pm

Monday, June 8, 4pm

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