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Health Insurance Literacy

"Understanding Health Insurance Literacy: A Literature Review"

Health and Financial Literacy: Gearing Up for New Health Insurance Law

Smart Choice Health Insurance Consumer Workbook

"Experts and Technology Conjoin to Encourage Smart Health Insurance Choices"

FCS Research Journal

AAFCS Webinar

Extension Workbook

Journal of FCS

Insured and non-insured consumers need to understand the impact of the new health insurance marketplace. Access to this article is free for the month of October, compliments of Wiley-Blackwell!

As the Affordable Care Act is being implemented, FCS professionals have a unique opportunity. We need to position our profession at the forefront of this historic legislation that inextricably links health and financial literacy.

The workbook is part of a research-based, consumer-tested curriculum that helps consumers make a smart choice for both health and financial needs. Extension is offering consumer workshops across the country

"The requirement for health insurance coverage involves brand new information and terminology that consumers may have never encountered before. This is a massive teachable moment for people across the nation" (O'Neil p. 44).

Family and Consumer Sciences Resources to enable smart decision-making on health insurance options

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Navigating Your Choices

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Application Video

This website contains links to detailed information on how to make the best healthcare choice for you and your family.

Utilize the links on this webpage to find fact sheets, videos, and other materials that assist others in learning about changes in health insurance.

This video is an excellent tool to help consumers understand how to fill out an application in the new healthcare Marketplace.

Additional Resources

Affordable Care Act Resources for Consumers Video tutorial on how to fill out an application

Affordable Care Act Resources for Educators

Facilitating Understanding

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Sobering Statistics

Reduction Employee sponsored coverage



Employee costs for insurance has more than doubled

SOURCE: Kaiser Health News, April 11, 2013

NON-Elderly Uninsured are below poverty level



The degree to which individuals have the knowledge, ability and confidence to find and evaluate information about health plans, select the best plan for their own, or their family's, financial and health circumstances and use the plan once enrolled.

Health Insurance Literacy:

SOURCE: Consumers Union, 2012

From 1999-2010

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