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Electronics Challenge

People from 40 countries have endorsed The Challenge

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Over 200 civil society groups from 40 countries across the globe are challenging the electronics industry to improve their act on chemicals management during production



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Illness and death among workers

Thousands of young people in China enter export factories to make the West's favorite electronic gadgets, only to find they have contracted occupational diseases or worse, leukemia, by the age of 25.


The Human Cost of Electronics

It’s astonishing that the most technically savvy companies in the world, whose names are on our electronics, say they still don’t know all of the materials used in their own products

Ted Smith

Pauline Overeem

These corporate audits don’t uncover chemical exposures and other labour rights violations all the way down the supply chain

Good Electronics Network

International Campaign for Responsible Technology

The Challenge


The Challenge emphasises the importance of:


substitution of hazardous chemicals

protection of workers

freedom of association

participation of workers

environmental protection

compensation of workers, communities and the environment

In January 2015, the International Campaign for Responsible Technology (ICRT) and the GoodElectronics Network and a array of expert allies came together to discuss the hazards of the current irresponsible use of chemicals in the global electronics supply chain.

Electronics Challenge