OD Prevention in Treatment

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Opportunities to address overdose in treatment

Guidance for substance use disorder treatment providers





Positive Drug Screens


Anyone placed on a waiting list should get information on opioid safety and overdose response, regardless of stated drug of choice.

Language about overdose can be added to intake forms, including screening for trauma.

Induction of medication-assisted treatment is a high-risk time for overdose; prevention and education should be addressed. All treatment orientations can acknowledge the risk of relapse and overdose.

Individual and group counseling can discuss past overdose experiences as well as prevention and intervention skills. Family support groups can also cover overdose.

Discussing concerns about overdose in the event of a positive drug screen can reduce tension by emphasizing the importance of the client's safety.

Discharge may be our last chance to make sure that people have the best skills, information, tools, and materials to keep themselves safe.

Any time a client overdoses and on International Overdose Awareness Day, every year on August 31

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