The 3 Types of Food Marketers

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The 3 Types of Food Marketers

What type of food marketer are you? How can you find a “balanced diet” of marketing techniques to drive awareness and sales using social media?

Every good chef knows how to combine his best ingredients to create an even better recipe.

The Comfort Foodie:

Only 48% of digital marketers feel highly proficient in digital marketing

82% of digital marketers learn on the job

Preferred Social Network

Hobby: Collecting Data

Obsessed with data

Campaigns geared toward tracking ROI

Analytics make me happy

E-mail Blasts

Google AdWords

Just like Momma made it

The Food Trucker:


Tweets per day!

Los Angeles based @Kogibbq food truck has over 130K followers on Twitter


The age of food trucks is here!

Great @ short and concise messaging

using #hastags and shapes in their messaging


Gives the campaign a voice online

Preferred Social Networks

Gets the word out quickly

The Weeknight Wonder:

Access websites from multiple devices

Prone to "like" a Facebook post when there are images involved

Looks to find the newest and most efficient technology

Shares photos online

Preferred Social Networks




YouTube has over 18 million video results related to food

Juggles time & budget

Makes the most of what's in the pantry


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