Take Home Literacy Kits

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Take Home Literacy Kits

Inspire caregivers to explore books with young readers

Create themed literacy kits for students to bring home on weekends. Kits can cost as little as $5-10 to make.

Grades PreK-2


2-3 books (fiction and nonfiction) Manipulatives, if applicable A few activities related to the theme Journal for the students and parents to write about the experience


Gather materials for bags and assemble

Choose interesting themes for kits: space, oceans, backyard explorers, on the farm, etc

Enlist help. This is a fun project for enthusiastic parents or classroom assistants


Kits empower caregivers to use weekend time for reading and literacy-related activities

Kits enrich the teacher's curriculum

Gives caregivers easy and fun ways to  communicate and engage with children

Why It Works

At the end of the week or before a school vacation, send bags home with students