Agriculture Reforms

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The positive story:

India has 11% of world's agricultural land and its food production stands at 264.4 million tonne in 2013-14 alone Total public & private investment in the sector stands at 21 % of GDP During 11th five year plan, the sector witnessed an average growth rate of 4.1% which increased to 4.7% in 2013-14 Farmer beneficiary programs like RKVY,NHM,NFSM & ATMA initiated on a large scale


Indian Agriculture:Challenges & Reforms

Excessive dependency on import of pulses & oilseeds

Failure in effectively utilizing agri-residue

Corrupt, ineffective  & leakage-prone PDS

Dubious restrictions on free trade

Current cold storages, warehouses & processing units not meeting the demand

Vast Supply Chain-More scope of middlemen exploitation


On the flipside, some crippling issues still persist !

How to make agriculture viable ?

Access to formal credit - availability of pledge-loans Protecting farmer from the trap of money-lenders

Removing trade restrictions

Import duties on pulses & oilseeds & redirecting the revenue accrued

24 hr quality power supply without any voltage fluctuations Encourage use of agri-residue based products

Collective selling of farmer's produce to retail chains & supermarkets   Full tax-exemption on agricultural equipment Agriclinics - supply of quality seeds,pesticides

More Cold Storages & Warehouses

Effective model to address food security - introduction of food stamps

Democratization of market committees

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