Health Care in India-2

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"The  preservation of health is....without doubt and the foundation of all the other good of this life"


- Rene Descartes

IndiaN    HealthCare - Where   are   we ?   

 We have  Poor Public Expenditure 

High Out of Pocket Expenditure

High Infant Mortality

Low Life Expectancy

 Less Number of Doctors per 10000 



we are still far behind to achieve decent health Indicators


Source: WB & WHO

Source: WB & WHO

Source: WB & WHO

Source: WB & WHO 2013

Source: WB & WHO 2013

Source: WB 2011

Less Number of Hospital Beds

Indian   Public   Health    System    in    Disarray

Hospitalized Indians  spend more than half (58%) of their total annual income on health care

More than 40%  of those hospitalized  borrow money or sell assets to cover expenses

At least one quarter of  hospitalized  Indians fall below the poverty line because of hospital expenses

India has 0.7 physicians below the OECD average

Grossly inadequate public healthcare infrastructure and service delivery – quality private healthcare proving very costly

RecomMendations    For    Better    Health     Services

Strengthening the Primary HeathCare Delivery System Improving the facilities in government hospitals Hospitals for women in each constituency National mission for sanitation Taluk/Block level referal hospitals controlled by local government

Health card for each family - Free treatment at any government or private hospital of his/her choice Free diagnosis and treatment for all ailments to be covered by the Health Card Health Ombudsman to monitor and oversee the implementation

Along with government hospitals free health care facilities available at private hospitals and clinics Private doctors can use the facilities of government hospitals Standardisation of costs and protocols for patient care

Free   and    Universal HealthCare

Quality    Health     Services

Public-Private Partnership    in    Health   Services

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