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Immigrants’ health and integration policies in Europe

Immigrants from outside the EU constitute an increasing proportion of the European population.

The European project SOPHIE has evaluated the relationship of immigrants' health status with country-level integration policy models in Europe.

Do the policies concerning immigrants' integration have an impact on their health?

"How is your health in general?"

"In 'exclusionist' countries, immigrants experience poorer living conditions and poorer health"



Very bad

Immigrants reporting poor health by country of residence

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"Health inequalities between natives and immigrants are higher in 'exclusionist' countries"

"My health is bad or very bad"

Probability of reporting poor health, immigrants vs native population 

This study is part of the European project SOPHIE (, supported by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme. 

Policy recommendations

More information:

Policymakers in areas related with immigrants' integration should consider the health consequences of adopting restrictive policies.

Health professionals should advocate for inclusive policies for migrants.

Data source: EU-SILC 2011. Immigrants include people born outside the EU having lived 10 years or more in the country. Policy model based on the Migrant Integration Policy Index.  

Malmusi, D. (2014) Immigrants' health and health inequality by type of integration policies in European countries. European Journal of Public Health.