Fantasy Football: Real Cash

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Fantasy Football: Real Cash 

Major money changes hands in the fantasy football kingdom 

Fantasy sports by $

Data for United States and Canada in 2014, according to Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

$4.5 billion: Total spent on fantasy sports

$1.71 billion: Total spent on league fees 

$111: Amount spent per person on fantasy leagues and league-related materials

41 million players 

Top picks for 2014 

Average draft position, according to ESPN as of Aug. 14.  Photos via Getty Images

No. 1: Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings 

No. 2: LeSean McCoy  Philadelphia Eagles 

No. 3: Jamaal Charles  Kansas City Chiefs 

No. 4: Peyton Manning   Denver Broncos 

No.5 Matt Forte    Chicago Bears 

Yes, they sell this 

Fantasy sport side industries are popping up

Fantasy insurance: Want protection in case your top player gets hurt? You can buy it.

Wardrobe: Fantasy owners can buy T-shirts, outfits and even WWF-style championship belts. 

Goat awards: Didn't win your fantasy league? Some leagues might still award a trophy, license plate, mural or plaque— specifically designed for the occupant of the league's basement.