Library Resource Acquisition & Use at Leeward CC (2017)

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Library Resource Acquisition & Use

More E-resources

Overdrive e-books Statista Flipster e-magazines World Religions JoVE Science Education videos

New for 2016-17


83% of the Library's resource spending is dedicated to e-resources E-resources offer anytime, anywhere access for all Leeward students


Print & Audiovisual Resources



Print vs. Online

e-books e-journals streaming videos

books periodicals dvds

FY 2016-17



Print Journals & Books



E-journals & E-books

Online Downloads & Materials Circulated



The Library provides resources and expertise in support of teaching and learning at both the Pearl City and Wai'anae Moku campuses and for DE courses Librarians will consult with faculty to acquire relevant resources for all courses, including support for Textbook Cost: $0 courses Library acquisitions will focus primarily on supporting e-resources Easy and reliable access to e-resources will drive usage and increase the return on investment Operations and workflows will be realigned to manage e-resources Print collections will be zero growth and will gradually decrease over time A smaller print collection provides opportunities for new student-centered uses of limited space

Looking Ahead