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On Course

A Newsletter of the Dartmouth College Registrar's Office

Email inquiries to us from the Dartmouth community include those from students, faculty members, alumni, staff members, parents and the general public. What do we get asked about on a regular basis? Our top categories are: Student Services: 31.8% Application Support: 19.8% General Questions: 17.5%


Summer 2017


course proposals approved in DCARS

Since DCARS launched in April 2015, users have approved 1872 course proposals. We are engaged in a project to enhance cross-listed course communication, visibility, and consistency in DCARS. Look for our announcement in the fall.

Look for our 2016-17 Annual Report announcement this summer! Additional data, projects, and so much more.

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The final day to withdraw from a course each term brings our highest number of walk-ins. Most visitors to our office come in on Monday, with Friday a close second.

"walk-ins" on each term's busiest day

*does not include staff emails received directly

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Banner version 9 is coming

A primary focus this year is on the Banner 9 upgrade. Up first? We have begun to test the Banner 9 forms – now called pages. They will be the first major release of the upgrade. We have also begun to look at improvements to registration in Banner 9. This is a campus-wide upgrade and ITS plans to solicit feedback from students, faculty members, and staff.

Throughout the 2017 summer and fall course registration periods, we have invited students to participate in our “60 second survey”. The most recent was a single survey question: What changes would you like to see to the Banner system?

A)          1967 B)          1954 C)          1940 D)          1872

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105 McNutt Hall



March and April are the height of spring term major declaration due to the sophomore declaration deadline. This year, students submitted 978 new major and minor declaration requests using the new DartWorks system.

new major and minor declaration requests

Have you wanted to have a second name show in Banner? Do your students refer to themselves by another name? Registrar Braz has begun discussions about the implementation of preferred or “chosen” name in Banner 9. Work groups will provide insight and assistance as part of this effort.

Preferred or "Chosen" Name in Banner

McNutt Hall - where the Registrar's office is located - was the site of the first demonstrated remote operation of an electrical digital computer - what year was it? (See bottom for answer)

C)     1940

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In the 2016-17 academic year: