Illuminate Professional Development Workshops 17-18

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7/25-7/27 Bay Area, CA

8/2-8/4 San Diego, CA

Summer Workshops

7/14 Irvine, CA

7/27 Irvine, CA

8/8 Irvine, CA

3-Day Assessment Institute

6/27 - 6/29 Irvine, CA

Balanced Assessment Program

Participation Age Leadership

Early Literacy Assessment

3-Day Assessment Institutes

Winter Workshops

12/5 Irvine, CA

12/6 Irvine, CA

1/16 Irvine, CA

2/20 Irvine, CA

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Formative Assessment Workshop

MTSS / RTI Workshop

Leverage Multiple Measures

Grading for Learning Workshop

Spring Workshops

3/13 Irvine, CA

3/14 Irvine, CA

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Day 1 - 1/17 Watsonville, CA

Day 3 - 4/4 Watsonville, CA

Day 2 - 2/15 Watsonville, CA

3-Day On Track Workshop

Social Emotional Learning

Rethink Accountability Workshops

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Date TBD Contact Us To Host

Predictive Analytics Workshop

Workshop of your Choosing

Date TBD Contact Us To Host

Date TBD Contact Us To Host