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Annual Report 2013

Growth. Possibility. Inspiration.

These are the three words that most aptly describe ARC's journey in 2013. As the oldest  grass-roots animal rights group in the country, we have seen our cultural relationship to our treatment of animals shift and go through many stages and we have been there, helping to shape and move this process forward. 2013 was a stand-out year in terms of our ability to reach a record number of people with our message and be received better than we ever have been before. We know we still have lots of work to do, but the strides we made this past year leave us hopeful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We know, from first-hand experience, that when people know better, they make better choices for animals. And when they choose better, they feel better about themselves and the world around them.

Year  in  review




We focus on spreading the word about compassionate living and believe that positive change comes about from connection, communication, and education. From helping people transition to a vegan diet to publicizing the abuse of animals in laboratories to educating the public about the exploitation of animals used in entertainment, ARC’s unique and innovative education and outreach programs reach thousands of people every year.

Connect. Communicate. Educate. 

What we do

We handed out     pieces of informational literature about animal  issues at     different events and locations.



We gave out samples of vegan food to curious tasters at food sampling events




16 wildlife rehabilitation partners signed up

Vegkins tour of Chicken Run Rescue

25 local restaurants pledged to keep foie gras off the menu

14 Petland demonstrations = 1,396 conversations


meetups, workshops and events


20th Annual Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

5th Annual Vegan Waffle Party

2nd Annual Twin Cities Vegan Hotdish Cook-Off

Ethique Nouveau's 1st Vegan PopUp Shop

vegan meetup members





We partnered with Animal Defenders International (ADI) to begin a campaign to persuade the Renaissance Festival to drop their elephant rides and we held  2 very visible and well-received demonstrations outside the entrance to last year's festival.





Pay Per View asks people to view a short video about typical practices on animal farms and in slaughterhouses, participate in a debrief conversation with a trained ARC volunteer, and then go home with information about how changing their eating habits can make a huge difference for animals, the earth, and themselves.

Our volunteers are the backbone of ARC, and this year we've worked hard to help many of them develop into leaders, bringing new ideas and energy to our organization.


“Volunteering at the Animal Rights Coalition has afforded me an opportunity to get active for animals. In the process, I feel that I have become a more compassionate person and more engaged with the world.”  —Kim, teacher, volunteer 

Dallas Rising Executive Director Ashley Piediscalzi Outreach Coordinator


Charlotte Cozzetto, President Kim Socha, Vice President  Brenda Burchfield, Treasurer Justin Erickson, Secretary Angie Chesney-Mattison Melissa Maaske Rose Hobot Vonnie Thomasberg,   Founder & President Emerita

Board of Directors



The Minnesota Charities Review Council Standards of Accountability state that at least 65% of an organization’s annual expenses should be for program activity. The Animal Rights Coalition exceeded this standard in 2013 by directing 83.4% of our expenses back into programming for the animals and our community.  

program 83.4%

Admin 8.2%

fundraising 8.3% 

Individual donations $56,440.00   Other revenue $19,782.00 



Programs $44,821.00 Administrative $4,409.00   Fundraising $4,507.00  

TOTAL REVENUE  $76,222.00

TOTAL expenses  $53,737.00

Animal Rights Coalition Statement of Activities   For the 12 months ended December 31, 2013