BPS BlendED Professional Learning - #iPadAcademy

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iPad Academy
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Bellevue Public Schools - Bellevue, Ne
Instructional Technology Team
Professional Learning
The Foundation of the iPad Academy
The iPad Academy was born out of the belief that in order to effectively integrate technology into the classroom there needs to be an emphasis on professional development.
BlendED Professional Learning
Classroom Coaching
Ongoing Collaboration
Teachers recieve 40 hours of training provided by BPS Apple Learning Specialists on the Apple ecosystem, digital workflow, and blended learning strategies.
Our coaching model blends several methods of effective teacher support, including, co-teaching, model teaching, and situational coaching.
Teachers stay connected through district collaboration days, PLCs, social media, and Schoology Groups.
The iPad Academy has grown each year since its birth in the Spring of 2013.
Creating a Culture
Supportive Atmosphere
Fail Forward
The BPS BlendED Professional Learning is only the beginning as our model focuses on individual classroom coaching, sustainability, and continual support for teachers in the classroom.
Blended learning strategies and research based methods have created a culture of learning which is rich in collaboration, choice, and creation.
The Classroom Experience - Blended Learning
The goal is to increase student and learning achievement while fostering a culture of creativity, curiosity, and personalized learning.
Digital Workflow
Targeted Instruction with Formative Data
Multimodal Creation Srategies
Student Reflection
Flipped Learning Strategies
Project-Based Learning
Flexible Seating