2014 / 2013 Library End of Year Re-cap

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Library Annual Re-Cap

Tomahawk School District, Tomahawk, Wisconsin

2014 / 1013

Library Usage Statistics

Note: the numbers are based on annual school population - see figures on Annual Report Detail.

Are students checking out books and pleasure reading?



Royal Bank of Scotland

JPMorgan Chase

Bank of America

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Credit Agricole



Trend reflects up turn at middle school, while steady at elementary considering smaller population. 


High school decrease reflects increased required reading in high school classroom and use of ebooks.

China Construction Bank

Wells Cargo



JPMorgan Chase

Bank of America

Bank of China

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial


However, the method and delivery is changing!



Rest of world

Our students and e-books!

OverDrive set up for High School to support Curriculum Companion digital reading requirements. OverDrive also offers offline reading through downloading books onto the Chromebook.

NOTE: Currently 81 items checked out!

Both e-book collections open 24 / 7 and 365 days per year for ALL users!

Our students use database research supported materials!

2012 / 2013 Usage Detail

2013 / 2014 Usage Detail

Evaluation of Points of View and Poetry and Short Story, surveying staff and students, and collaborative analysis of curriculum needs in addition to trail of alternative databases provided grounds to discontinue both databases.   Poetry and Short Story will be replaced by Badgerlink's resources (provided by DPI) and Points of View by ProQuest's Issues and Controversies. 

District Library 1,520 visits

School Library 19,664 visits

Allowing 24 / 7 365 access to all resources encourages and supports learning.  Usage illustrates students and staff supporting and using the resources available.   Our school libraries support learning, exploration, and imagination!

Library Webpage: Visits...allow for 24 / 7 access to library resources.

“Our mission is to boldly empower all students to be socially responsible effective users and producers of information developing into life-long learners in an ever changing world.”

Library Mission Statement

Who We Serve

755 visits in June 2013

4,983 visits in June 2013