How can I Foster More Innovative Learning?

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TRY: Consider solutions to promote more autonomy & trust

How Can I Foster More Innovative Learning?

A teacher guide inspired by many innovative educators in my PLN, including, but definitely not limited to:

Have you established mutual trust with students?

Do they have to ask you before using the bathroom?

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Do your students direct their learning?

TRY: Student-Led Conferences

or Daily 5 for Literacy

Do students regularly self-assess?

TRY: Leverage tools like Google Forms for students to reflect on & monitor their time

Do you encourage students to take more ownership over feedback?

TRY: Encourage students to actively gather feedback rather than passively wait for it to come.

Do you model risk-taking & learning from failure?

Do you think aloud your learning process with students?

Do your students maintain digital portfolios?

Do you teach metacognition?

TRY: Share your PD learning with students

Do you want your students to adopt a growth mindset?

TRY: Co-create rubrics/guides with students to help them break down their processes

TRY: Help students create  showcase & learning blogs

Do those portfolios share both showcase samples & learning process?

Do students have authentic voice in and beyond the classroom?

TRY: Adopt one simple strategy to amplify students' voices

Do they know how to seek out expert & peer feedback via social media?

Do you empower students to connect with their learning in meaningful, lasting ways?

TRY: Explore ways other classes & students are using Twitter, Skype, & Google Docs for global collaboration

TRY: Participate in a creative project such as Global Day of Design

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