State Snapshot New Jersey 2017

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Total Enrollment

Total Graduate Enrollment: 43,573

Total STEM Enrollment: 16,212

Degrees in the Workforce

STEM Degrees

Degrees Conferred

Total Graduate Degrees: 14,102

Total: 188,240

Doctorate: 23,000

Other Degrees: 165,240

Male: 6,002

Female: 8,100

Graduate Education

New Jersey: A Snapshot   

Male: 7,630

Male: 18.041

Female: 8,582

Female: 25,532

Master's, Male: 1,683

Master's, Female: 2,089

Doctoral, Male: 532

Doctoral, Female: 429

Total  Master's Degrees: 12,618

Total  Doctorate Degrees: 1,484

Male: 782

Female: 702

Female: 7,398

Male: 5,220   

Updated 2017

Sources: The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) annually collects data from graduate schools through the CGS/GRE Survey of Graduate Enrollment and Degrees. The responding institutions included CGS members and non-members in the state, and the information displayed was compiled from these institutions’ survey responses. Sources: The workforce data come from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) 2016 Science and Engineering Indicators State Data Tool and the 2016 Science and Engineering State Profiles. The data reflect total individuals in science and engineering occupations with doctoral or master’s and undergraduate degrees. “Other Degrees” combines master’s and undergraduate degrees as NSF only disaggregates doctoral degrees.  

Total STEM Degrees: 4,733