Dartmouth Pedagogical Knowledge - ELI 2017

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Who are we?

"Students tell me that they appreciate the excitement of somebody who's trying something new, really engaging them, and working hard at the craft of teaching."   -Faculty focus group member

1. Provide opportunities for faculty to reflect on teaching 2. Identify and understand teaching barriers 3. Incentivize and recognize faculty for teaching 4, Recognize that innovation in teaching can be risky 5. Acknowledge and engage with faculty expertise 6. Provide opportunities for instructors to receive feedback 7. Utilize evidence-based practices to assess effectiveness

How do you develop your teaching?

Creating a Shared Language for Learning Design and Faculty Development

Do you speak learning?

A group of faculty developers from Dartmouth College's Library, Instructional Design team, and Dartmouth Center for Advancement of Learning (DCAL) who are passionate about effective teaching

Our mission:


Faculty Developers

1. Raise awareness of the barriers faculty face   2. Advocate for change 3. Acknowledge the barriers in faculty development 4. Design faculty development around faculty needs 5. Provide bite-sized resources, tips, and support that faculty can utilize in short amounts of time

Laura Barrett, Library Erin DeSilva, Instructional Design Michael Goudzwaard, Instructional Design Elli Goudzwaard, DCAL/Instructional Design Prudence Merton, DCAL Cindy Tobery, DCAL

1. Engage with a model of pedagogical knowledge (see diagram) 2. Interview campus partners 3. Inventory resources in selected areas within the model 4. Iterate the model of pedagogical knowledge

Stage 1: Engage co-curricular educators

Stage 2: Engage faculty

How to best engage around these ideas with faculty?

Recommendations for . . .

Focus Group Questions:

Faculty perceive a lack of support, resources, and acknowledgement for teaching.


What barriers inhibit you from improving on your teaching?

Assess and articulate Dartmouth's teaching culture Nurture and promote educational values in dialogue with faculty and campus partners