February Core Metrics

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Core Services Metrics


Mantis Separation: Reads

February deliverables

Mantis - Offline PCS Integration

In Progress [completed/to do]

HCore Hcom Modules Upgrade [2/3]

LDS V3 Upgrade work [3/4]

Mantis Separation: Delete/Update [1/6]

Mantis Separation: Writes [12/13]

PCS Filter By Pimms [7/9]

HCore Pipeline [4/7]

HCore Improve the Monitoring and Alerting Tooling [3/9]

SRP Geo Bullets Via PCS

[CES 1.2] Happy Path Stage 2 [2/4]

[CES 1.2] Happy Path Stage 1 [1/3]

PPS AvailDetail Via LPAS

Upgrade to TFN service

Core Key Metrics For February

HCore Historical Cycletime

HCore Team Index

HCore Bugs in February

Number of bugs created: 13

Number of bugs resolved: 12

Bug count at month end: 1

11 Developers

18 Bugs fixed

23 Items delivered

Average Cycle time is 7d 19h

HCore Summary

Number of stories: 10

Cycle time: 4.29

No. of bugs fixed: 8

Number of tech debt items: 10

Team Happiness: 7

HCore Historical Throughput

HInt Summary

Number of stories: 13

Cycle time: 10d 12h

No. of bugs fixed: 10

Number of tech debt items: 1

Team Happiness: 8.8

HInt Historical Throughput

HInt Historical Cycletime

HInt Team Index

HInt Bugs in February

Number of bugs created: 9

Number of bugs resolved: 15

Bug count at month end: 2