How one tweet could change your future

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What Social Media trail are you leaving behind?

Colleges look closely at not only your application but you r social media brand.

Applicants that were fully qualified have been turned down immediately due to bad character on social media.


What to keep in mind with Social Media

Being respectful on social media will ensure you no regret for later and future employers

Oftentimes if athletes social media contain innapropraite material they will be turned down imediately

Your Dream Job!!

Keep the title short

With social media so dominant in society cororations will often times have you sync your phone to the company.

What not to do...

Post anything youd be embarrased for you yo ur company to see or know.

Other options...

Choose to opt out of syncing your personal phone with the company phone

Company phones

Social media makes obtaining your personal info easier

Linkedin accounts enable future employers to view your accomplishments and work ethic

Photos of you supporting clubs and activities youre in

Photos of your family and loved that ones that are important to you

Social media security

Can they find your info?

Family social media can also enable information to be associated with you as well

Recommended info to share

With one picture either by the geotagging or eneral clues location can be found

Identity theft is one the largest cyber crimes worldwide


Always Be Aware

When giving out credit card information or where you live check that it is a trusted website first.

A web address including https:// shows it can be trusted

Information obtained by the presentations done by Tucker , Mr.Burkhardt, Betsy Kane, Coach Bouffard, @HSSocail Media and Deputy Stapleton