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For Recent Graduates

Think before turning down a job

Never say no before trying.

You may find that you are good at something new.

Always be open to opportunities.

Think of yourself as a company

Know your competitive advantage.

Create value: focuse on your distinctive contribution.

Plan for the future and keep improving.

Don't live by fear

Remember why you started.

Always do what you are afraid to do.

Good things come from conquering fears.

Use time wisely

Take advantage, and don’t waste it.

Keep your free time busy with things that’ll add to your resume.

Clean up your social media

Network, a lot

Keep in touch with your new connections.

Use social media to network.

Consider volunteering until you find the job you’re looking for.

Keep it professional. It is important to stand out on paper, in person, and online.

Expand your horizons, you can network anywhere.

Know that employers can reject candidates based on what they find about them online.

Show don't tell

Tell them you are good, but be better.

Be proud of your work

Value the way you think and do things.

Know your skills and what you are capable of.

Know that making mistakes is OK

Everything is a lesson.

Challenges build your professional character.

Stand by your ideas. After all, it is you who is doing the work.

Stay humble with your words, and impress with your actions.

There is not such thing as failure.

Think about ways to prove that you’re up for the challenge.

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