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27th in Runs

19th in Batting Average

25th in Slugging Percentage

Tampa Bay Rays

Brief History

The Rookie

Tampa made several attempts to acquire a Major League team throughout the 1980's and the 1990's. The San Francisco Giants were almost sold and moved to Tampa in 1992, but they ended up being sold to a group in San Francisco that kept them there. Finally, in 1995 Tampa was granted an expansion team. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays began play in 1998.

The Rookie, a 2002 movie, was centered around the true story of Devil Rays player Jim Morris

Morris, a 35 year old high school baseball coach could pitch a ball at 98 mph repeatedly. He tried out for the majors and signed with the Devil Rays.

Franchise Records

2015 Prediction

5th in the East

Batting Average James Loney (.290)

Home Runs Evan Longoria (22)

RBI Evan Longoria (91)

Wins David Price (11)

Saves Jake McGee (19)

Strikeouts David Price (189)



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