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Baltimore Orioles

8th in runs

9th in batting average

17th in on-base percentage

3rd in slugging percentage

Fast Facts About The O's

Brief History

2015 Predictions

The Baltimore Orioles began as an American League charter team in 1901. They were originally the Milwaukee Brewers. The team spent one year in Milwaukee before moving to St. Louis and becoming the St. Louis Browns. The team spent 52 years there before they moved to Maryland and became the Orioles in 1954.

Second Place in the East with a Wild Card

Season Leaders

Batting Average Adam Jones (.281)

Home Runs Nelson Cruz (40)

RBI Nelson Cruz (108)

Wins Wei-Yin Chen (16)

Saves Zach Britton (37)

Strikeouts Chris Tillman (150)

The Oriole Bird

The Oriole Bird "hatched" on April 6, 1979 out of a giant egg at Memorial Stadium. The Orioles got their name because the state bird of Maryland is the Oriole.