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Kansas City Royals

Fast Facts About The Big Blue Bus

14th in Runs

4th in Batting Average

19th in Slugging Percentage

Brief History

The Kansas City Royals entered the league in 1969 as an expansion team. The team was the result of Missouri Senator Stuart Symington's actions. He demanded a new team after Kansas City's previous team, the Athletics, moved to Oakland in 1967.

Team Name

The name "Royals" originates from American Royal, a livestock show, horse show, and rodeo held in Kansas City since 1899.

Curse of Baseball Abstract

The baseball statistical anaylst Bill James wrote a chapter in the 1986 edition of his Baseball Abstract titled "A History of being a Kansas City Royals Baseball Fan." In the style of an opinion piece as a longtime Royals fan, rather than in his usual analytical tone, James commented that "The truth is, the Royals kicked the holy crap out of the Cardinals" in the 1985 series. The Royals have not been in the post-season since

Season Leaders



Batting Average Norichika Aoki (.285)

Home Runs Alex Gordon (19)

Stolen Bases Willie Wilson 612

RBIs George Brett 1, 595

Wins James Shields (14)

Saves Greg Holland (46)

Saves Jeff Montgomery 304

Shut Outs Dennis Leonard 23

3rd in the AL Central