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Chicago White Sox

Fast Facts About The South Siders

13th in Runs

20th in On-Base Percentage

16th in Batting Average

8th in Slugging Percentage

Brief History

The Chicago White Sox were one of eight charter teams for the American League. They were established in 1900 and were originally known as the White Stockings. The name was shortened to White Sox after the paper had headlines referring to the team as 'Sox.'


Lifelong Chicago resident Andrew Rozdilsky performed as the unoffical mascot "Andy the Clown" from 1961 to 1991

The White Sox currently have a mascot named "SouthPaw"

2015 Prediction

Season Leaders

Megan Landvatter

5th in the Central

Home Runs Jose Abreu (36)

Batting Average Jose Abreu (.317)

Wins Chris Sale (12)

Saves Jake Petricka (14)