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The Little Things

Backchanneling is a class discussion tool that allows students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers in real-time while working on an activity, lesson or assignment.

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Tech Tips for Backchanneling in TodaysMeet


Tech Tips for Backchanneling in

Tips for Successful Backchanneling

Be Prepared! Develop good, essential questions Use consistent and short names for your "chat rooms" Choose a name that will help you identify the lesson and class in question If you are using laptops, be sure they will have sufficient battery power Decide up front what abbreviated speech you will allow and let the students know what you'll accept in advance Be flexible but firm (Set behavioural expectations and review blogging guidelines beforehand) Type up the questions and give them to the students before the lesson Set up and test your "rooms" in advance (make sure it is not blocked on the students' computers) Focus on the feedback and reflection to strengthen learning experience

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"With a little prior planning and essential questions, educators can engage their students in discussions that leverage "digital native" skills and generate meaningful, insightful commentary. Furthermore, the collaborative nature of backchanneling makes it an ideal means to connect classes across the hall and around the world."

Getting off Task Inappropriate Responses

Backchanneling using Google Docs

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