What's A Technology Integration Specialist?

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A Technology Integration Specialist?


We're happy to show you new things - from basic to advanced

We are here to support you with purposeful & relevant tech integration

EVERYONE can learn tech & integrate it easily into lessons!

Our students deserve to use latest technologies. We can help you help them!


The Push-in Model

We come in to lead tech-infused lessons

We model for you - with you (co-teach)

Gradual release of responsibility

The 1:1 Consult Model

By appoinment

Email, video chat, screencast

'On the fly' when we can!

The Find Me Resources Model

We find sites & resources for you

We share things that match your curriculum

We save you time!

The Big PD Model

Whole day & half day workshops

May be 'big' district programs.

Include "The Gift of Time"

The Mini PD Model

Rolling, hourly sub model during the day

Before/after school quickie PD offerings

Ongoing optional offerings

Digital Badges Model

PD of your choice, when you want it!

Earn 1 PD hour for each badge!

We'll help you learn and earn!

The Curricular Support Model

We are trained in your subject-area tech

Knowledge of all district-wide tech programs

iPad or Windows support

Reaching All Learners Model

Fun, short tech tip newletters

"Learning in the Loo" - everyone's gotta go!

Go-to websites where you can find everything

Tech Playdates Model

After school, once each month, 4-7

Totally optional (But there's food!)

No formal presentation - participant driven

Outside-The-District Model

We share resources about Tech trainings outside WT

Most are free

Great way to network & see what other districts are doing

The Edcamp Model

Have you heard of something called Edcamp?  You will!

Coming soon- the best PD experience you've ever had!

Digital Connections Model

Webinars, online courses, Skypes, and GHOs

Sharing via blogs & OER

Social media engagement (ie: Twitter chats)


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