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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Fast Facts About The Halos

6th in Batting Average

7th in On-Base Percentage

5th in Slugging Percentage

1st in Runs

Brief History

2015 Prediction

The Angels were established as an MLB team in 1961. Gene Autry bought the rights to continue the franchise from Walter O'Malley

3rd in the West

Team Traditions

Season Leaders

The song "Calling All Angels" by Train is played before every game

The phrase "Win one for the cowboy" refers to the Angels previous owner Gere Autry who never saw the team win a World Series. When the team finally won a World Series, after Autry died, Angels player Tim Salmon brought out one of Gene's White Stetson Hats in honor of the "Singing Cowboy",

The Angels popularized "Thunder Sticks" when the team made the playoffs in 2002

Home Runs Mike Trout (36)

Batting Average Howie Kendrick (.293)

Wins Jered Weaver (18)

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