Teen Leadership Program

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Teen Leadership Program 2015

Eight enthusiastic teens completed this summer's pilot program. Each had volunteered with their family through LHH and was looking for a way to stay involved and take on a more robust role. Teens ranged in age from 13-17 years old and came from all over Austin to participate.

About the Teens

Program Components

Each teen participated in every component in order to complete the summer program. All eight teens are now considered to be trained Activity Leads. This summer, teens volunteered between 45 and 65 hours each.  The whole group put in a total of 456.5 hours!

About Training

The program began with a group service activity. The team cleaned-up graffiti in West Campus. All teens participated in four days of orientation, training, and team builders at the LHH office.   Training topics included:     LHH Mission & History     Activity Lead Training     Public Speaking     Leadership     Intro to Non-Profit Fundraising     CPR & First Aid

Teens used their training to shadow, co-lead, and eventually solo lead LHH volunteer activities. The team continued to meet weekly throughout the summer to reflect on leading activities, plan and execute a fundraising project, and continue to build our teen community.

Volunteer Activities

Fundraising Project

The project benefited the Foundation Communities School Supply Drive. Teens fundraised individually and through a Parent Night Out event. 28 kids from LHH families attended an evening of food and games with teens while parents, for a donation,  got some time off.

Teens shadowed and co-led in order to prepare for solo leading activities. Teens were Activity Leads at 25 different activities.  

“The donation of backpacks will help 51 children get a jump start on the school year by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.  The teens not only put together those backpacks, but also led LHH volunteers in stuffing and sorting 715 backpacks donated to Foundation Communities’ drive!  Having them lead the backpack stuffing activity was so helpful and we’re not sure what we would have done without you all.”  -Jackie Blair, Foundation Communities

Caring for Austin's homeless pets and service animals

Helping families get food on the table

Serving Senior Citizens

Assembling for a Cause

Cleaning and beautifying Austin's parks & public spaces

Helping pantries to get food and essentials to people in need

Teens spent 169.5 hours at volunteer activities this summer!

Through their efforts the teens raised over $1,500 in cash and supplies! 


What Does the Teen Program Mean to You?

"My teen learned the importance of presenting herself professionally. LHH has always made it easy for us to volunteer as a family and now my teen has a leadership role!" ~LHH Teen Parent “I was very impressed with the Teen Leaders! They were friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable with parents and children. It was clear how seriously they took the role. I know how intimidating it can be to act as leader to a group of people that are significantly older than you, but they held their own. I hope you are still running the teen program when my children are teens - so impressed!” ~LHH Volunteer “It has been incredible to see these teens take on leadership roles, challenge themselves, and take on additional responsibility with LHH. I think they set a great example for the younger kids at activities, showing them that volunteering is relevant at any age and that LHH is willing to grow with you.”  ~LHH Staff Member “The teen Activity Leader leading LHH families who volunteer here did a great job this summer. She had a positive attitude and was extremely organized. I didn’t even know she was a teenager!”  ~LHH Partner Organization


All eight teens expressed interest in continuing their work with Little Helping Hands. Each of them has committed to continuing to work as Activity Leads. All have shown interest in continuing to meet as a team, complete more fundraising projects, and help to mentor future teen program participants.

“LHH is an amazing place I get to go and be myself.  I have been volunteering with my family since it began and now I’m a teen leader. I feel as if LHH is part of who I am and I have met the nicest people here!”  ~Sarah “The teen program has helped me not only grow as a leader, but also as a person. I love being able to learn with my peers and improve week by week. The program has taught me how crucial volunteering is to our community and I can take part in that and have lots of fun.”  ~Anika


How Did the Teens Grow?