How Automobile Engine Works ?

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How Automobile Engine Works ?

The engine gives lifelike power to Automobiles. The collaboration between engineering innovation and physics in a mix makes a engine, which abilities the vehicle.  Days and months of research put to quality when the design is carved and constructed for making a single part. From Engine cylinder liner  to valves, each part comes together for making a finish engine.

It is an motor or machine which is used to turn a form of energy into mechanical power. Engines use fuel to burn and provide power for movement. Engines can be customized to do many things aside from automobiles as well. But most popular function an engine play gives power and movement to a vehicle.

Use Of Engine

A car engine is designed around the “cooking pots” known as cylinders. The cylinders can range from two to twelve based upon upon the car and efficiency required but the common is 4 or 6. The various components of the engine are made of powerful metal and sealed shut. The Inlet valve allows energy to come in while outlet valve let the exhaust gases escape.

Important Part of an Engine

Engine Cylinder Liner



Spark plug

Cylinder block

Oil rings

Different Types Of Engine

There are many different types of engines which power aircraft and rocket to regular automobiles. All are developed for the specific job. But the main purpose of the engine continues to be the same i.e. give power ability to the machine.

Internal combustion engine

Petrol engine

Diesel engine

Reciprocating engine

Aircraft engine

Automotive engine

Working of Engine





Alternate Fuel Options For Engines





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