kids and Technology

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Kids & Technology

How it makes life and education easier for children

Rodolfo, Azimjon, Mohammed

Children all around the globe have more exposure to technology than ever before, and are able to access multiple forms of the latest gadgetry

Advancements in technology allows for the physically & mentally disabled to obtain knowledge of the world around them at their own pace, regardless of their impairments.

Apple is one of the most well known and most successful tech companies in the world. They have software in their MacBooks that can help many different children with certain disabilities with their educational work.

• Autism • Orthopedic impairment • Deaf-blindness • Other health impairment • Deafness • Specific learning disability • Emotional disturbance • Speech or language impairment • Hearing impairment • Traumatic brain injury • Mental retardation • Visual impairment • Multiple disabilities

Howard High School of Technology Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Cathedral School Portland, Oregon, United States

The Apple iPad was introduced to the world in 2010 and its application to education was definitely a good decision according to the follwing data.  

A survey taken amongst teachers of American schools shows their stance on whether or not technology promotes better learning.

Survey conducted by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

New tech allows teachers to educate their students in ways never thought possible. Randy Haney, a media communications teacher at Glen Rose said, “This is my 31st year to teach and I feel like I’m starting brand new. We can do things that we never dreamed that we would be able to.” Haney teaches a new course at Glen Rose High School that merges art and design, with technology.

In Glen Rose High School, located in Texas, teachers are doing just that. The introduction of the smart board allows for limitless teaching forms and allows students to become more engaged in the subject matter.

Technology is constantly evolving just like society and the people in it. As time goes on, new forms of integration between tech and education will emerge and will allow for much faster acquisition of knowledge.