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1. Board Members: Recruit a Clothes Closet Chair to set up a bin, deal with donations in your school, attend Special Workdays, and run optional clothing drives. 2. Board Members: Find your school's 4 dates on the CC calendar (2 each semester) and put them on the PTA calendar & school calendar.     3. Volunteer Coordinator: Set up online sign-ups just like any other school event. We need at least 2 volunteers for each date from 9:45am-12:15 pm.  Recruit Volunteers for all 4 dates (even if you do not have a CC Chair). 4. CC Chair & Communications Chair: Publicize with flyers to potential shoppers and volunteers. See sample flyers on website below. As of Fall '16: Title 1 schools can still do paper flyers. 5. Board Members: Update any outdated Clothes Closet info on your school's PTA website. See website for all current policies/guidelines. 6. President & CC Chair: Set a date for a new Sock and Underwear Drive (Optional). Get approval from the principal.

LISD PTA Clothes Closet

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New Policy: Volunteers' children welcome on Tuesdays. Teens can help sort on Saturdays.



Thanks in advance for partnering with us in the only District-wide Council of PTA's program that brings all LISD schools together.