OER Progress at Leeward CC

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Progress at Leeward

Nurturing growth

"Adoption of Open Educational Resources to replace textbooks, with most textbooks replaced by the year 2021"

UH Community Colleges Strategic Directions, 2015-21

Textbook Cost: $0

Classes with zero out of pocket costs for textbooks, supplemental course materials, or access codes can be designated Textbook Cost: $0.

Textbook Cost: $0 classes may incorporate OERs, online resources, library resources, faculty-authored materials, or any combination of no-cost resources.

Textbook Cost: $0 webpage

Textbook Cost: $0

Textbook Cost: $0

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Textbook Cost: $0

Spring 2016 Savings $131,000

25 faculty teaching Spring 2016


Textbook Cost: $0

Student savings at Leeward

Cumulative savings to date


Teaching with OER

Teaching with OER

Using these OER materials, Boundless Microbiology Leeward CC ENG 100 OER OpenStax Biology OpenStax Psychology OpenStax Sociology

OER Fellowship Program


"increase student success by promoting alternatives in educational resources and creating a community that actively encourages, supports, and sustains the use of no-cost or OER."

OER Fellowship Program webpage

OER Fellowship Program


Equip instructors with skills so they can properly integrate no-cost or OER materials into their class. Provide tools for instructors to assess no-cost or OER materials used in their class. Examine the impact on the use of no-cost or OER materials on students. Engage instructors in reflecting on the impact of using no-cost or OER materials in their teaching. Growing the number of OER champions who will advocate for adoption across the UHCC system.

OER Fellowship Program


OER Fellowship Program






80% felt they did better in the course because they had access to the resources from the first day of class 93% reported having access to a device and the Internet to access the resources

OER Student Survey Summary 2015-16

OER Campus Committee


"promote awareness, develop recommendations, guidelines, and standards for the integration and sustainability of OER across the curriculum."

OER Campus Committee webpage

OER Campus Committee


Build OER awareness and promote its integration into the curriculum at Leeward CC. Develop guidelines and standards relating to the adoption of OER across the curriculum. Make recommendations to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs and relevant College constituencies representing faculty, students, and staff. Identify professional development needs required for effective and sustained implementation of OER-based curricula. Promote OER awareness at Leeward CC and develop collaborative relationships within the UH System.

OER Campus Committee


OER Campus Committee


OER Campus Committee


Engaging stakeholders on issues relating to OER Identifying barriers preventing OER implementation and developing solutions Facilitating OER initiatives such as Textbook Cost: $0 Implementing a Campus OER Action Plan

What's next?


Providing ongoing faculty development and support Assessing OER impact on student success Embedding OER in the campus culture of teaching and learning Institutionalizing OER through the tenure & promotion