Content strategy

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Want to communicate effectively, but not sure how to

Guest posts, inspiration posts

Want to use visuals to communicate effectively, but not sure how to

Interviews, education posts, content upgrades

Case studies, webinars

Metrics: blog subscribers

Metrics: Av. uniques for new posts, visitors, pages per session

Metrics: free sign-ups, PRO sign-ups, webinar participants

Keys to Success

- Focus on quality, close eye on what works and what doesn't, and making changes along the way - Distribute and publish consistently, keep testing and finding new channels

Content Strategy

Goal: Help and inspire readers to communicate more effectively using visuals.

The Funnel

Monthly Deliverables

- 1 x Content Upgrade - 2 x Incoming guest posts - 1 x Outgoing guest post - 12 x Blog posts (2 Inspiration, 2 Education, 2 Interviews, 2 Case Studies, 4 Theme Updates) - 1 x Growth Experiment (case studies page, start here page etc)