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Ways to go green in construction


Key points developers should keep in mind for attaining green certification.

Advisory Board member of The Big 5 Construct India

Use AAC/concrete blocks with fly-ash content to reduce heat load inside a building.

Building envelope materials:


Use low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water wastage. Install sewage treatment plant for recycling of water.

Water use reduction:


Segregate recyclables (dry waste) into 5 diff. categories viz. Plastics, Paper, Cardboards, Electronics & Metals and divert them to authorized recyclers. Install organic waste converters within your premises for handling wet waste such as leftover food and plant clippings from garden.

Waste management:


Install BEE 5-star rated light fixtures, LEDs and electrical devices such as pumps, motors and water heaters.

Energy efficiency:


You can either recharge the ground by installing percolation pits or store the rain water in tanks for flushing and cleaning purposes.

Rain water harvesting:


By installing small solar or wind power systems, you can take care of smaller electrical loads and water heating.


Alternate energy usage:

The emphasis should be on using maximum day lighting but taking care of glare. As per the climatic condition, one can design natural ventilation wherever applicable.


Building design:

Source all building materials locally to minimise transportation.


Green house gas reduction:

One can apply high albedo paint or China Mosaic on the roof to reflect back the heat. Use Open Grid paver blocks instead of full concrete paver blocks.


Reduction of heat island effect:

Install pits to arrest soil particles/ sediments.


Erosion & sedimentation control:

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