How To Eat Healthy On A College Campus

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How To Eat Healthy On A College Campus

Preparation is Key

You want to put away some time to prepare your weeks, and think about how your week is going to look like, food wise. Maybe put away some time on a Sunday to do this, and to go grocery shopping if necessary.

The Microwave is Going To Become Your New Best Friend

Oatmeal w Berries & Milk Chia-pudding Yogurt Parfait Egg & Turkey Sandwich

Trail Mix Apple Granola Bar

Whole Wheat Turkey Wrap Quinoa Salad Hearty Soup & Whole Wheat Bread




Avocado Toast Apple w Peanut Butter Rice Cakes


Guide To a Healthy Day On Campus


Late-night Snack

Chicken Breast w steamed Asparagus Stuffed Wweet Potato

Dark Chocolate Dried Fruit Vanilla Cran- Coco Bites Sweet Potato Fries


Cheesecake In a Cup Glass of Wine Microwave Potato Chips

Remember that all meals can be cooked in the microwave if necessary!

Store any leftovers in your fridge & make as lunch the next day