Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Within Society

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How Has Society Changed Since The Legalization of   Same Sex Marriage?

1950s: In 1951, the Mattachine Society founded by Harry Hays, became the first National Gay Rights organization followed by the Daughters of Bilitis first National Lesbian in 1955 by Phyllis Lyon and Del Martian. The actions that the LGBT community did were considered to be criminalized in most States.

1960s: The first Gay Rights demonstrations took place in Philadelphia and Washington,DC, led by longtime activists, Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings. Many believed that being in love with the same sex was a mental illness.

By: Jade R. Gina G. & Jerlyn St.

1970s: Stonewell is still considered a watershed moment of gay pride and has been commemorated with "pride marches" held every June across the United States. The first gay couple in the U.S. that applied for a marriage license in the state of Minnesota was Jake Baker and Michael McConnell.

2000s: Under Vermont Law, Same Sex Unions were recognized. Massachusetts became the first State to perform Same Sex marriages. Barack Obama becomes the first President to publicly announce support for Same Sex marriage. On June 26, 2013, Supreme Court had a ruling 5-4, allowing the Federal Government to recognize legal marriages between Same Sex partners.

1990s: The Hawaii State Supreme Court limited marriage to opposite sex couples to be unconstitutional unless the State can present a "compelling State interest" justifying the same sex marriage ban. California Governor, Gary Davis, sign a registered partnerships bill into Law that provided limited rights for same sex couples.

1980s: Securing legal recognition for Same Sex relationships became an urgent concern of lesbians and gay men.

How Has Society Been Affected?...

Although some States started to recognize or perform Same Sex marriage in the early 2000s, legalizing throughout the whole country continued to be one of the many struggles for the LGBT community within the upcoming years.

     Since the first LGBT movement began in America during, support for same sex marriage has steadily grown over the years. Today, a majority of 55% Americans support gay rights and marriage compare to the 39% Americans who oppose it. Society did not give the LGBT community an easy time. Same Sex marriage is known as, Exogamy; not what most are accustomed to knowing because of their morals and beliefs; causing many to oppose to this issue.

"Those who are opposed to gay rights argue the fact that gay men have caused the spread of HIV/AIDS virus.  Aids has often been referred to as the "gay plague. In the 1900's, the outbreak of aids in the U.S occurred in high frequencies when it came to gay men, and because of this it was easier to protest against the rights of the gay community because it gave them more reasons." (Jordan Blumberglong, 2012)

(CDC, 2015)

The LGBT Community went  through a lot of alienation, not only with  society but with the government. Not feeling equal to other citizens, going through discrimination nor getting equal opportunities opposed to those who are not gay. As the years continue to pass, the LGBT community continued to gain strong supporters from some people within society and eventually all 50 States. They believe that Same sex marriage affects the society in a positive way.

Years Continued To Pass By...

"According to Murray Lipp, there are several ways that the society can benefit from same sex marriage. Some of those reasons are, it promotes equality and non discrimination, it provides economic and business opportunities, and fosters true freedom of religion." (Lipps, 2016)

-Promotes Equality and Non-Discrimination in Society

-Fosters Psychological,Physical, and Social Wellbeing Amongst LGBT People

-Provides Economic and Business Opportunities

-Fosters True Freedom of Religion

-Strengthens National Identity and International Reputation

On June 26, 2015, after many years of going through one of their major obstacles, they overcame it and Same Sex Marriage has been legalized.


Although there is always going to be someone somewhere against gay marriage, there are a few things that can be done that may held spread people support same sex marriage more. The first thing is to raise awareness for this issue. Certain people view same sex marriage or just the simple fact of being gay as a negative thing because of the morals and values that they were raised on. If everyone can come together and understand that it is not a bad thing then that can be a huge starting point to fixing this issue. Showing that there are alot of supporters of the LBGT community, then that helps the people in the LGBT community feel more acceptable in their own skin and feel accepted and not like an outsider. Another solution is to be more open minded to different groups. This can lead to equality of promotion of non discrimation, which will eventually reduce the homophobic tension.


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