Baby Development Guide

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Baby Development Guide

(0 to 3 year old)

New born infant lies on all fours, fisting, kicking, waving arms, respond to sound, feeling sentivem, but seeing weakly.


Black & white hanging bells

Ring bells

Breast feeding, establish love&trust, affective interaction, talking, singing

Baby at 3rd month prop up the upper body, lift head at 45°, beginning the connection of seeing and doing.

Grab object

Show baby card of single color

Eyesight pursuing object of rings & bells

Baby at 5-6 month is able to sit a while with backup, babbling to catch attention, lie and roll his body in different ways.

Move object

Prepare rolling balls for baby

Feed a little juice to introduce different taste and eating

Change hand

Baby at 6-7 month is able to sit up on his own, turn over body agilely, hands & eyes cooperate well, more facial expression.

Clapping hands

Soft balls

Wooden car


More games of singing, talking and vocal practice

Baby at 7-8 month learn crawling, grab with two fingers, know 1-2 body language, vocalize more, know better adult's language.

Egg cup, better in cooperation of eyes and hands

Begin feeding face to face

Baby at 8-9 month stands up by holding objects, beats things to make sound, communicates with adults via vocal & body language.

Release hand

Put fingers together in line

Rolling ball, pressing ball

Stairs to learn crawling and walking

Ablactation with less and less breast milk, turn more to substance food gradually.

Baby at month 10 stands up himself & walks slowly with walker, of nimbler fingers, call for mom, likes to watch at other playing but not to share or join.

Drink water with cup

Set together


Pull drawer & look for ball


Baby at 11- 12 month can walk by holding objects, of much nimbler finger for page turning, better vocal language, stronger imagination, active and utter simple words.

Clamp finger

Press ball

Operate training aid

Eat with folk & spoon independently

Baby at 12-15 month can walk, bend over to pick up, of strong curiosity. Communicate simply, with excellent memory, has his own idea, but be afraid of strange people or environment, of strong attachment to families.

Real substance

Insert coins

Beat instrument

Have food with other babies

Baby at 15-18 month will try to wash hands and face himself, become toilet-trained, crouch himself, with stonger awareness of "me", better ability to analyse and solve things, likes mimic

Match real objects and cards

String of big beads

Objects to open & turn off

Speak short sentence & discern simple shapes

Baby at 18-20 month will try to move objects, cut teeth of 10 or so, with good body balance, begin to run, jump, crouch. Try to solve independently, better creativity, able to express ideas and requests.

String of small beads

Model objects and cards

Simple puzzle

Painting in watercolor

Baby at 21-24 month can walk stable, not easy to fall off, express freely, remember interesting things, further develop cooperation of hands & eyes, begin to do things independently.

Toilet trained

Blow the nose

Treaded the beads

Wash hands

Dreassing frame

Baby at 24-30 month walks well and tries sideways or backward, of strong self-awareness and possessive conciousness, aware of indenpence but rely to parents a lot.

Fold clothes



Flower arrangement

Shine shoes


Wipe the table

Baby at 30-36 month is of much better ability of action and body balance, great advance of language to express mood in various words, be emotional, learn social contact, and make greetings to other kids actively.

Pressing cloth

Growing plants



Training aids for 3-6 year old kids

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